Horizon 11 | Company Changemakers for Purpose Driven Growth
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Horizon 11

Exploring Opportunities for Purpose Driven Growth. We believe that fresh food defines tomorrows world!

Our mission

 “We want to accelerate the transition to a healthier and greener world by inspiring and strengthening ambitious companies towards profitable sustainable impact. Purpose driven companies do not only win in their markets, but also win for planet and people”



We believe in continuously challenging the status quo in our food system to create positive impact on people, the planet and profit.


By assisting our clients to actively contribute to the quality of life and health of the world, through customer focus, innovative business models, processes and behavioral changes.


With our 360⁰ business perspective, we support companies in their desire to innovate, change and to seize opportunities in this changing world, based on their own knowledge, experience and passion.

Our promises

We are highly motivated and committed go-getters with a proven track record. We offer a 360º perspective through our experienced experts in all aspects of business operations. The company’s employees and knowledge are always at the heart of our approach. After all, they form the core of the company.

For every challenge, we look for a suitable mix of expertise and way of working. We can use our broad functional community and network in the process. As a result, we achieve unexpected breakthroughs or changes. We make ourselves redundant in the foreseeable future by securing the required skills and competencies within the company.

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About us

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We are a unique team of successful changers, each with more than 20 years of experience. Our team consists of generalistic specialists from various fields and sectors. We share a passion for development, growth and the realization of dreams with the common goal of improving the world in which we live.

Experienced change agents

Generalistic specialists

Various fields and sectors

Make dreams come true

360º Business Perspective

Questions? send us a message!